Best Social Media Campaigns Of All Times

An inspiration always helps in better execution of the job. Even the experienced marketer or newbie needs an example of outstanding content to get through creative nuts. Despite the marketing challenges, social media campaigns are an effective strategy to reach new audiences.

Below given is the roundup of the best social media campaigns of all times:

Best Social Media Campaigns Of All Times

Despite the marketing challenges, social media campaigns are an effective strategy to reach new audiences. The best social media campaigns of all times are:

1. Buy My Volvo

In 2014, Castor initiated a campaign for his used 1993 Volvo 245GL. Till now, this video has been watched 1.8M times and shared 35,000 times on Facebook. And, the important metric of all, the car was sold.

2. Save the Children’s #HelpIsComing

In 2014, Save The Children created one of the most powerful social media marketing campaigns. It tugged our heartstrings with “Most Shocking Second A Day” video that launched following the 3rd anniversary of the Syrian Civil War.

This video spread like wildfire on social media garnering over 51,000,000 views and still counting.

3. Before I Die

‘Before I Die’ is a participatory art project of 2015 that garnered attention due to its uniqueness. This project was initiated by Candy Chang on the wall of an abandoned house in New Orleans .

After losing a loved one, Chang gets her hands on art to restore her perspective. She covered the shabby house with chalkboard paint and stenciled in the line “Before I die I want to _______”. She also left some chalk for passers-by.

Now, about 1000 Before I Die walls have now been created in over 70 countries. This campaign broke the taboo of thinking about death.

4. #LowesFixInSix – Lowes

#LowesFixInSix campaign shares home improvement tips in less than six seconds. In this campaign, clay-like animation and stop-motion are used to demonstrate each tip.

5. Expedia’s South American Getaway

Expedia, with over 400 million Instagram users, launched a contest campaign on social media platform and gained much success.  In this contest, Expedia offered a trip to Rio de Janeiro with lovely pictures and this campaign did not disappoint. The travel photos piqued excitement and lead to 999 scores in engagement.


In the ending note, while it’s still true that we can’t force a post to go viral, but there are plenty of creative ways that we can explore to make our social posts much more influential.

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